Family & Community Support Services

The Bayswater childcare Association prides itself with engaging with our community .

At our centre The DEN, we provide a safe venue for a variety of programs designed to engage and educate children, families and adults from the local community

Some of the programs we offer are .

  • playgroups
  • Migrant English
  • Children’s dancing
  • D.V Support groups
  • Parenting classes

and much more ( please see community program for full details )

We also offer a wide variety of programs and support to suit New Migrants, LGBTQI Community, Domestic Violence clients , Parent support and Adult Literacy.These facilitated support services  are here to help with our vulnerable sections of the community.
We seek to promote community engagement, assist families to build networks and find access to family support services.’

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We believe that children are confident involved learners, who through play, exploration and experiences, can connect and contribute to the world around them.

We recognize the importance of play-based learning in the early years; that children have a strong sense of identity which means they learn best when they feel safe and secure.

We provide a home away from home to enable children to have a strong sense of wellbeing and to assist them reach their full potential in their developmental journey.


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