Salisbury Child Care Centre

Salisbury Child Care Centre Welcome Salisbury Child Care Centre is one of seven centres that make up the Bayswater Child Care Association Inc. Our service is a Community Based, not for profit organisation, situated in the Bedford area since 1989. Salisbury Child Care...

Silverwood Child Care Centre

Silverwood Child Care Centre Welcome Silverwood Child Care Centre provides a warm and inviting atmosphere for children to explore, interact, learn and most of all, develop and encourage their own individual personalities. The centre embraces diversity and welcomes...

Noranda Child Care Centre

Noranda Child Care Centre Welcome Noranda Childcare Centre has been operating since 1992. We are a 47 place long day care centre with 3 rooms ranging from 0-5 year old. We are conveniently situated next to Camboon Primary School. We aim to provide high quality care in...



We believe that children are confident involved learners, who through play, exploration and experiences, can connect and contribute to the world around them.

We recognize the importance of play-based learning in the early years; that children have a strong sense of identity which means they learn best when they feel safe and secure.

We provide a home away from home to enable children to have a strong sense of wellbeing and to assist them reach their full potential in their developmental journey.


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